Allegro's Favorite Ballet Rosa Leotards

Hey, we see you. You heard the hype about the new Ballet Rosa collection for 2021 and you wanna score a couple things ASAP. Except, you're a little overwhelmed because everything is, like, totally beautiful and you want [NEED] them all. But you can't buy #alltheleotards because #life. Same, dude. SAME. That's why we put together our list of Ballet Rosa favorites you just can't sleep on.

Check it out: 

Chantilly Collection

Harper in Gold/Noir - The amazing feather embroidery is straight to-die-for, seriously.

Autriche Collection 

Okay, really, ALL of these leotards should make the list, but we picked the two new styles to make life easier. 

Esther in Noir - Your new little black leotard. It'll make all of the others jealous. 

Emmeline in Blanc - There's something about this leotard in white that's so elegant and unforgettable. The best part is that Ballet Rosa's white (blanc) leotards are double-lined, so you'll feel comfortable and secure while wearing them. 

Louvre Collection

Antonia in Encre Blue - This low-back, tank style leotard fits so well it's crazy. It looks good on so many dancers! We love it in the newest color, Encre Blue. It is a shade of blue you won't find just anywhere. The overall vibe of this style is sophisticated and feminine. 

Garnier Collection

Novella in Olive - A new color for 2021, Olive, gives this previous style new life. It is one of those leotards that looks "just okay" on the hanger, but "wows" when you put it on. Its stretchy microfiber makes it a good style for many body types and it's fairly modest cut gives you a little edge. 

Imperiale Collection

Sévèrine in Forest - You'll be sure to stand out in this three-quarter mesh sleeve, ombre-ish printed leotard. We promise you won't find another leotard quite like it at the barre. 

Ételan Collection

Sérène in Noir - The daisy-patterned mesh on this leotard feels so on-trend right now without overdoing it. The mesh makes the sleeves super stretchy and gives you the freedom you're not used to feeling in a long sleeve leotard. 

Versailles Collection

Thea in Noir - We just love the gold floral pattern on this leotard. It really adds a bit of softness to balance out the more contemporary style of this leotard.

Laffitte Collection

Miranda in Noir - Every leotard in this collection all have the same print, but the style varies. We picked this one because of it's supportive fit. With thicker straps, it provides more support than a typical open or low-back leotard style.

Elysée Collection

Anya in any color - This ombré leotard is the perfect style to go from studio to stage. Pair it with the matching Marjorie skirt and you'll be photo shoot or performance ready!

Navarre Collection

Morgane in Noir with Rojo - Other brands have tried their hands at reversible leotards, but Ballet Rosa mastered it. With a wing print one side, reversing to solid black on the other, you'll look classic or cool with the flip of your leotard. 

Palais-Royal Collection

Gigi in Noir with Bordeaux - We're suckers for a half-sleeve and floral embroidery. This leotard might be subtle, but it has it all! 

La Cité Collection

Fénix in Noir - This was one of the first leotards Ballet Rosa released in the 2021 collection and we couldn't take orders fast enough. It's just so cool with its subtle tattoo-inspired print on the mesh overlay. You'll be the envy of all your fellow dancers. 

 Tulle Collection

Ilaria in Noir - This all-black mesh and microfiber leotard will set your contemporary game on fire. 

 Dentelle Collection

Inaya in Café au Lait - Ballet Rosa's Café au Lait color is so freaking perfect that we want it in everything, but it especially stands out in this classic pinch front and lace leotard.

Italienne Collection

Naomi in any one of the amazing 15 colors - Use this style as an opportunity to brighten up your leotard game. We really love Ruby and French Blue! The Italian microfiber is crazy soft and stretchy, so that high-neck doesn't feel constricting. 

Kayla in Noir - This is a perfect basic leotard. It has been a best-seller for Allegro for the past 4 years. 

That's it! We did it! Well, for their Créateur catalogue, that is! Don't forget that they have some amazing styles in their Academy line, as well as amazing bamboo warm-ups and did we mention AN ENTIRE MEN'S LINE! Maybe we'll need a follow up post on those...