Best of Allegro 2021 -So Far-

Best of Allegro

Check out Allegro's top product picks for 2021! These products have been super popular, are our best-kept secrets or are going places this year! See which products and brands made the list below:

Nikolay Adjustable Leg-line Leotards - You asked and Nikolay listened! This is everything we want in a leotard. The Emely and Eva are now regular-stock items for us, so you can count on us when you're looking for your next leotard-collection staple. 

Merlet Pointe Shoes - New to Allegro in 2020, we thought the Merlet Cloé and Diva would be great options for dancers looking to try something different. What we thought would be "niche" shoes in our inventory have quickly made their ranks up the best-seller list. Their sizing can be tricky and they feel a little different than other shoes, so we suggest an in-person fitting for these! 

Euroskins Tights - Never underestimate the power of a good pair of tights. We know they can be hard to find, but look no further! Euroskins tights come in all of the styles you need, have a comfy waistband and are a great price (which makes them the perfect pair to stock up on). 

Allegro 4 Slot Shoe Bag - Designed to fit up to 4 pairs of pointe shoes, this versatile bag will hold any shoes and also has side pockets to boot. You won't believe how well it will keep you organized! See this amazing bag for yourself.

Allegro Pointe Starter Kit - We call it a "Pointe Starter Kit," but really, it is so useful for any dancer en pointe. Our curated kit has everything that ends up in most dancers' bags and comes in 16 amazing colors. See it here.

Danse de Paris Leotards - It's a little bit like cheating to put this one on the list because it's just our way to put an entire line of leotards on it! Truthfully, with their extensive line of high-quality fabrics and styles, there is a fashion leotard for every style of dancer. Don't be surprised if they're out of stock by the time you read this, but don't worry because we're getting shipments almost every month. Check stock now. 

Só Dança SD-16 (Bliss) Ballet Shoe - There are a lot of stretch shoes on the market today, but we love the reliability of this shoe. In 5 widths and 6 colors, this shoe has an unbeatable fit--just enough stretch to allow your foot to move freely, just enough structure to ensure you're still working your feet. Find your size today!

Covet Dance Kits - Whether its their relaxing Apothecary Kit  or the super-smart Dancer Problems Kit, Covet has you covered and proves they really understand dancers like us!

Allegro Advanced Fitness Kit - From warm up, to work out and finally, cool down, this kit has everything you need to cross-train from home or anywhere the urge strikes! Buy yours now! 

Ballet Rosa Homme Collection - The time has finally come for male dancers to have their own line and Ballet Rosa went all out; from leotards and tights to mesh tops and unitards, you won't believe how cool you can be in dance apparel. Also, Allegro *just happens* to have the whole line. See for yourself.


That's it for now, but we will continue to update this post as new frontrunners emerge throughout the year!