Small Business Saturday 2022

Image of Small Business Saturday
When you choose to shop with Allegro, you're choosing to support not only a small business, but also a women-owned and operated business, made up of 100% dancers. That means you're also supporting the dance community too! 
Blue and white image including the "shop small" logo and 3 reasons to shop small at Allegro. 1.) Keep your local community vibrant + support the dance community. 2.) Create jobs for dancers. 3.) Allows us to share our mutual passion for dance.
Did you know there are free ways to support a small business? In addition to "liking" and sharing our online content, the most important way you can support us is by leaving a review! If you've ever had one of our amazing pointe fittings (or just a general positive experience in our stores, online, or with our staff at an off-site event), we want to hear about it!
Blue and white image asking for a review if you've ever had a pointe fitting at Allegro. Include images of presents and 5 stars.

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