Introducing: Telepointe™️, Virtual Fittings at Allegro

A little about the "why" behind Telepointe™️...

At Allegro, we believe that a pointe shoe fitting should be both personable and informative. We take pride in the fact that our fitters are experienced and knowledgeable dancers, which helps us to relate to our customers, fulfill all of their needs, and answer their questions with confidence. We aim to create an encouraging environment for dancers with all foot/body types, skill level, and individualize the fitting experiences for each dancer. We strive to be understanding and accommodating throughout the entirety of the fitting process, and it excites us to help each dancer understand their feet and shoe needs, while guiding them through the longevity of their pointe shoe journey.

A pandemic might have inspired us to dig deep to recreate our trusted in-store fitting process virtually, but it wasn't the first time we saw the need. For years, we had dancers from all over the country calling us for pointe shoe fitting assistance because they either didn't have a local dance store, or just couldn't find anyone who could properly fit them. So we knew offering a virtual fitting process was here to stay.

When the concept of "virtual fittings" hit the market, we have to admit: we were skeptical too. We knew what went into our fitting process and couldn't begin to wrap our heads around recreating that through a screen...until we actually did it, that is! You can still count on an individualized fitting with one of our Senior or Master fitters, a curated variety of shoes from which to try and buy, as well as accessories to help troubleshoot the most common pointe shoe problems. 

Our Allegro Pointe Fitters are proud to offer our Telepointe™️ fittings to dancers all over the country. Ready to book a Telepointe™️ fitting? Click here!  Want more information? Click here! 


This blog post was updated on 10/5/23.