To Telepointe™️ or not to Telepointe™️? That is the question.

TelePointe Fittings have been paused for the holiday season.
We will resume offering this fitting option 1/10/24. 

Who is Telepointe™️ right for?

This is a question we get asked all of the time! Virtual fittings are not the right "fit" for everyone, so we made a list of reasons why a Telepointe™️ fitting might be right for you...

  1. You have a shoe you love, but need to adjust the size.
  2. You love a specific brand and often find many shoes from that brand fit you.
  3. Your teacher has given you very specific shoes to try.
  4. You've been en pointe for a while, have a shoe you like, but you want to compare it to something new on the market.
  5. You do not live near a reputable dance store (we're talking within driving distance...our average customer comes from about 80 minutes away!).
  6. You study at a specific school and do not have a vehicle to get you to a dance store for an in-person fitting. 
  7. You've been en pointe for a while, but just want a check-in with a Pro Fitter.

There might be some other great reasons for a virtual fitting, but those are the most common for us!


Okay, we have to do are the reasons to really consider whether or not a Telepointe™️ fitting might be right for you:

  1. You want to try as many shoes as possible. Telepointe™️  just wasn't designed with this goal in mind. 
  2. You're really struggling to find the right shoes. If you've struggled for a while now and can't seem to get a pair of shoes that's comfortable, stable and allows you to work to your fullest potential, we definitely recommend an in-person fitting. This way we can have all possible options and tools at our disposal.
  3. You've never been fit by a Pro Fitter. Let's be real, we've all gotten shoes from a teacher, tried a friend's or maybe even gotten a pair at a summer intensive because a company was selling some of their dancers' stock. None of that replaces a genuine fitting with a professional fitter. Most experienced, professional, and master fitters dedicate their lives to the art of pointe shoe fitting. We just know things. Not only that, but we want to share those things with you! 
  4. Your foot is constantly growing or you find you're often really in between sizes. This one is pretty obvious; we're talking about your health, safety, and the longevity of your dance career. Improperly fitted shoes can be dangerous, so if you're in between sizes, we should see your feet in real life! 


But can dancers getting their first pair of shoes have a Telepointe™️ fitting? 

We will never tell anyone no because we believe you've come to us for a reason. We will, however, caution you against it. While we have done successful first time fittings via Telepointe™️, in each case we have worked very closely with the teacher to ensure the safety and success of each dancer. 


Ready to book your Telepointe™️ fitting? Click here. Need more info on the "how" behind our process? Click here. Want to know why we created these fitting? Click here!