Which Stick Is The Right Stick?

Muscle rollers are truly a dancer’s best friend, but with a large variety of rollers on the market it can be hard to know which one will really have your back...and hips, and legs. 

Here at Allegro, we swear by The Original Stick Massage Roller. Some of us love it so much we even got The Pet Stick for our pooch! Here is the lowdown on our latest collection of this tried and true beacon of muscle relief. 

The Little Stick

A special shoutout goes to The Little Stick for being tiny, but powerful. Keeping things cute with lime green and light pink handles, you can pop this muscle roller right into your dance bag. You’ll never be stuck without your roller again, phew. At 14” it’s the smallest roller in the collection and packs a bit of punch. Best for a light to medium deep massage this roller will help you ease muscle tension and soreness anywhere, but will really work wonders on your calves. 

The Travel Stick 

At 17”, this roller is ideal for long days in class or rehearsals. Still easy to take on the go, this roller will offer a slightly less intense massage because of it’s longer design and flexibility. Great for consistent use throughout the day to warm-up, stay strong, and cool down. 

The Marathon Stick

With an ability to effortlessly contour to the shape of your muscles, The Marathon Stick is the superstar of rollers for leg massaging. 20” long with sunny yellow handles, this roller is the most flexible of it’s category, giving a light massage perfect for sore or tense muscles.  

The Hybrid Stick

This super flexible stick stands out in the roller crowd for it’s pressure point wheel. Located in the center of the stick, this small but mighty addition to the traditional design might be just what you need to fix those pesky problem spots. We don’t have time for your nonsense, muscles! 

The Flex Stick

The longest roller in our collection at 26” this stick is ideal for taller dancers and any dancer looking to gently increase flexibility. With a mix of surface area and flexibility this roller provides a light massage for lean muscles your body will be thanking you for. 

So, our pro tip is to get The Stick. Happy muscles make happy dancers!