This information is updated frequently.

Please check back often for additional updates, as we update information when state mandates change. This information was last updated on 11/23/20.

Your in store experience

We know every store has its own protocol and we're here to help you understand ours. Throughout the pandemic, and especially this holiday season, nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and employees--we're all part of the same dance community! See answers to our frequently asked questions about shopping in person.

Yes, but instead of it happening one day, it is happening for a whole week: November 24-December 1!

We will be enforcing our capacity limits during these days, so we highly encourage you to shop online, as ALL of our sales will be valid online!

If you choose our "in store pick up" option, please know that order pick up for all Black Friday Cyber Week orders will begin on December 8.

Yes, all customers are expected to wear properly fitted masks during their entire visit to Allegro. Customers who do not have approved face coverings will be offered a disposable mask. Refusal to wear a properly fitted mask will result in an unfortunate conversation where we will ask you to leave--let's avoid this. Wear your mask and be a hero.

All of our employees are wearing face masks. Due to the close-contact nature of pointe shoe fittings, all of our pointe fitters are wearing KN95 masks.

We are also doing daily temperature checks for all of our staff.

Any staff member exhibiting any symptoms of illness are being asked to stay home.

Use of hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing is consistently encouraged.

We will continue to limit the number of customers allowed in stores at a time throughout the holiday season. We are cleaning all dressing rooms, shoe fitting areas and other high-touch areas regularly.

Each store will follow all local guidelines and we will allow no more than 6 (six) customers in at a time in order to follow the CDC-recommended social distancing guidelines.

Yes, they are! We kindly remind you to keep your mask on while trying on items and return all unwanted merchandise to a staff member once you are finished trying things on.

In emergency situations, bathrooms can be used. We kindly remind you to keep your mask on while in our enclosed and not well-ventilated restrooms.

No! You only need an appointment for a pointe shoe fitting.

Pointe Fittings

Pointe shoe fittings are still happening in person at Allegro. Find out how we are keeping everyone safe.

For the health and safety of our customers and employees, and due to the current COVID-19 Mitigation Restrictions, we have a much lower capacity in our stores. We want to ensure that appointments are kept, since we can fit fewer dancers into our daily schedules. Don't worry though; as long as you show up to your fitting, your deposit goes right towards the purchase of your shoes!

Unfortunately, no. Although getting pointe shoes is an exciting time in a dancer's life and its even better with loved ones, we have to ask each fitting to limit the number of people attending to one (1) person besides the dancer being fit. Our stores aren't very large and our fitting areas can be tight, so this is for everyone's health and safety.

We are happy to facilitate a Zoom or FaceTime session for the dancer, in addition to taking any photos/video during the fitting process.

The short answer here is probably not. Due to current COVID-19 safety protocol, our fitters cannot fit two dancers at once, and depending on the day, we might not have multiple fittings happening at once.

Unfortunately, the answer is still "probably not." Again, according to our mandated State of Illinois COVID-19 health restrictions, we must keep different households socially distanced.

We will use the amount of time we have remaining. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have a pretty tight and specific schedule to keep, so promptness is appreciated.

We understand there are occasionally extenuating circumstances and will do our best to accommodate you!

Customer Service

Things have changed a little (okay, a lot) at Allegro due to COVID-19, but we're still here for you. Read below to understand what you might expect from us over the coming months.

We know we seem pretty high-tech, but we've got old-school phones that just have 2 lines and only route to the specific store you're calling. Because many shoppers are trying to be as efficient in store as possible, we are getting more call-aheads than usual, so we're on the phone a lot.

Additionally, in order to help circulate customers in store, we aren't able to take as many phone calls while we're helping customers.

Leave us a message! We have scheduled time into our day to return phone calls. Worst-case-scenario, you'd get a return phone call the next morning.

Email us! We do have a handful of employees working from home, so although you may not be able to reach someone in store, you might get someone via email! Send all inquiries to shop@allegrodanceboutique.

Text us! We have a staff member manning a text-capable phone, so you can always feel free to send your message there. You might not get a response right away, as she typically sees the message, gathers the necessary info, then will message you back. Send texts to 224.307.3831. PS. You can also call that number too!

We still really appreciate following our old return policy guidelines: 10 days for a full return or 30 for an exchange or store credit, but we understand that might not be feasible due to COVID-19. If you cannot make it within the 30 day window, please call us before the end of the return window and we will tell you what to do.

The extent that this pandemic has affected the supply chain is immeasurable. Shipping is slow, resources are scarce and many companies are still understaffed. We ask for your patience and understanding if an item is out of stock, as it is most likely the fault of the manufacturer's, not ours. We will do our best to find you replacement items and will surely stay on top of those back orders in order to get them as soon as possible.

Due to limited staffing, we do not currently offer curbside pickup. We can arrange for expedited in-store pickup options, especially for high-risk customers. Please call us to make these arrangements.