Deluxe Fitness Kit

Deluxe Fitness Kit

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Amp up your at-home fitness routine with the Deluxe Fitness Kit by Superior Stretch, featuring every conceivable stretch & strengthening tool we could think off, as well as a foam roller and spiky ball to massage sore muscles.  Makes a great gift for the dancer who deserves the very best! 

The Deluxe Fitness Kit includes:

  • Star Yoga Mat: 68" x 24" x 4mm; purple
  • Yoga Block: made of premium EVA foam; 9" X 6" X 3"; blue
  • 4-Pack of Clover Resistance Bands: each band is 4" x 48"; Pink = light, Red = medium, Blue = Hard, Black = Heavy-weight
  • 4-Pack of Leg Bands: each band is 12" long flat; Orange = light, Yellow = medium, Green = Hard, Blue = Heavy-weight
  • SuperiorBand Pink: natural latex rubber stretch & strengthen band; links to instructional videos included!
  • Nylon Mesh Bag: perfect for storing your equipment
  • Pink Foam Roller
  • Blue Soft Spiky Massage Ball: 2.5" in diameter