Sleek Fit Pointe Shoe: Hard (Green Bag)
Sleek Fit Pointe Shoe: Hard (Green Bag)
Sleek Fit Pointe Shoe: Hard (Green Bag)
Sleek Fit Pointe Shoe: Hard (Green Bag)

Sleek Fit Pointe Shoe: Hard (Green Bag)

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The Sleek Fit Pointe Shoe by Gaynor Minden creates a streamlined look that is ideal for dancers with narrow, tapered feet and/or heels.  Diamond-shaped, the Sleek Fit features a slim metatarsal, narrow mid-foot, and a narrow, low-cut heel. The shank is pre-arched for a flattering fit, and the elastic drawstring ties on the side of the shoe rather than at the front, creating a smooth look. 

Shank: Hard (green bag, extremely stiff)

Box Shapes: #3 (tapered) or #4 (slightly tapered)

Widths: Narrow or Medium

Vamp: Deep

Heel: Low

Sizing: approximately 1 size up from women's street shoe size; to determine which style & size is right for you, please schedule a fitting in one of our stores.

Ribbon & elastic sold separately.


About Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes

Gaynor Minden pointe shoes feature a classically beautiful pink satin exterior that encases a modern & innovative interior.  The box & shank are made of advanced flexible polymers that do not weaken or soften with use, thus prolonging the life of the pointe shoes by 3-6 times that of traditional paste pointe shoes.  Gaynor Minden pointe shoes also feature incredibly comfortable Poron® 4000 Performance Cushioning, reducing noise and negating the need for toe pads while allowing dancers to fully feel the floor.  Highly customizable, Gaynor Minden pointe shoes feature of myriad of options to choose from, such as box shape and shank strength, thus allowing all dancers to create the perfect shoe just for you!

NOTE: Because Gaynor Minden pointe shoes do not break-in, it is important to make sure that you can easily roll-through demi-pointe right away in a brand new pair.  If you can't roll-through demi-pointe easily, try a more flexible shank.

Designed in New York; hand-made in Europe.

For customization questions (i.e. changing vamp/heel height, adding satin tips, etc), please call (224) 307-3831.

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