Finding "Your Shoe"

Finding "the one" can feel completely overwhelming, especially with so many amazing shoes on the market today. To help, we asked some of our Allegro Pointe Fitters how they knew they found their shoe. Here's what they said...

"It feels like it’s a part of my foot rather than just a shoe I’m wearing."
"It feels like an extension of your leg and you feel confident!"
"I know that I've found my shoe because when I wear them they just feel like an extension of my foot. There is nothing that I have to actively work against in the shoe, it feels like all parts of the shoe are working to support me."
"When you dance en pointe without noticing your pointe shoes."
"I know I've found the right shoe when I can't wait to put a pair back on, and when it feels like the pair was literally made for me- comfort, support, aesthetic."
"When you feel okay to take risks. I often see dancers begin to dance at the barre during fittings in the shoe they like the most, testing their balance with a higher leg and moving through more extreme positions than first and fifth, and this is before ribbons and elastic secure the shoe!"
As you can see, the common thing they all mentioned was that sense of confidence and ease when they were in the right shoes. What we love about this is that it is about a feeling from the inside out.  It shouldn't be about which shoe looks the prettiest or is the nicest shade of satin. It is about listening to your body. At your next fitting, stand en pointe and close your eyes. Bring your all of your awareness to the inside of your shoes. Focus on the support you are feeling; the stability in your ankles and core. Does this feel centered? Take a deep breath, balance on one foot.  Do you feel confident? Balance on the other foot. Do you feel grounded and in control? Ask yourself the questions that matter in that moment. You'll never know if its your "forever shoe" in a fitting at the barre without ribbons and elastics sewn, but you will know if that shoe is worth a chance to be in the running. 
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