Sustainability at Allegro

Sustainability is important to Allegro, not just on Earth Day, but everyday!  As a for dancers, by dancers business, our goal at Allegro is really to see a world full of happy and healthy dancers. We believe the world we want tomorrow begins with the choices we make today. This means giving both our employees choices in our stores and our customers more sustainable choices. 



Here are a few of the ways we support a more eco-friendly Allegro:

  1. In 2021, we switched to using paper shopping bags, exclusively.
  2. We give our customers the choice of an emailed receipt, instead of a paper printed receipt.
  3. Our staff avoids printing emails and excess documents that can be kept digital.
  4. When paper is printed, it is always re-used as scratch paper and recycled after its final use.
  5. Our management has asked our manufacturers for more eco-friendly packaging and have supplemented our own packaging when recyclable packaging isn’t offered. 
  6. Over the past few years, we have converted to LED lightbulbs.
  7. Water coolers provide employees the opportunity to bring their own reusable bottles to refill, instead of buying single-use plastic bottles. 


In addition to the small steps we take as a company, we are also very excited to highlight the sustainable dancewear that we offer our customers. 

Ainsliewear has introduced a new fabric called Repreve. While this fabric is not offered in all colorways, we love their cloud gray and orchid colors. Repreve fabrics use fibers made from recycled water bottles! 

Claudia Dean World actively works to minimize their environmental footprint. You can read all about their specific sustainability efforts here. 

Ballet Rosa has carried their eco-friendly bamboo fabric for years now, but also introduced a new fabric, Sensil®, just this year. Production of Sensil® EcoCare recycled yarns uses a highly efficient recycling process that significantly reduces CO2 and energy and water consumption. Consumers who invest in clothing made of Sensil® premium fabrics are making an eco-friendly choice for garments that stay new-looking and last longer, and are less likely to be thrown out and end up in landfills.

Cloud and Victory is “committed to offering dancewear made using renewable energy, waste-minimizing production methods, in safe, fair pay working environments.” You can ready all about their ethical, sustainable campaigns here.

Click here to see our entire Sustainable Clothing Collection! 

We hope you'll join Allegro and our other manufacturers in creating a more sustainable and better tomorrow, today!