Top 3 Reasons to Get A Professional Fitting

We understand that right now you're gearing up for audition and/or competition season. Time is hard to come by, as are pointe shoes. It might seem like a good idea to just jump online to order your current shoes in a half size up or even a different shank. You might even consider ordering that new style your friend is having so much success in. That might work out okay, but it also might not. During these important times of the season we recommend, more than ever, a professional fitting. But why?


Here are our top 3 reasons for getting a professional fitting now, or any time of the season!

  1. Injury prevention: Correct placement en pointe can correspond significantly to the correct size in that shoe. Manufacturer sizing guides are just that--a guide. Every dancer's foot is unique and does not always easily translate from US street shoe size to a pointe shoe brand's size conversion chart. Always have a professional fit you in a new size pointe shoe. At Allegro, our fitters recommend once every three months if you're newer to pointe, are still growing, or are switching styles often. Even if you've stopped growing, it is always good to do a size check if you haven't in quite some time. We recommend a minimum of twice per year for seasoned dancers not changing shoes or who have finished growing. 
  2. Knowledge is power: Professional pointe fitters know "stuff and things" about pointe shoes. It is literally our job. Our Allegro pointe fitters spend countless hours learning about new pointe shoes, updates to current models and do one-on-one training with the very people making the shoes. We have first-hand knowledge of over 60 styles of pointe shoes (and counting). This means that you can trust our recommendations and know you're in the best style possible for your needs right now. As your training time increases or technique style shifts, your specific pointe shoe needs will grow. Pointe shoe fitting and wear is dynamic and should continue to be an ongoing process in order to best support the longevity of your dance career. 
  3. Support system: Every race car driver has a pit crew, every Olympic athlete a training program; no one does it alone and neither should you. Looking for the right shoe can be hard and down-right discouraging at times. Our fitters at Allegro have relationships with their fittings. Most of our customers have been with us from their first pair of pointe shoes. We're in your corner. We want to see you succeed. We want to understand your goals and provide you with a fitting experience to support you along your training path. Not every dancer was made to put on their "forever" shoe at their first fitting. At Allegro, we don't have a mold we expect every dancer to fit. We don't have a "beginner shoe," followed by an "intermediate shoe" and then an "advanced shoe." Pointe work is a journey that is best and most successfully achieved through consistency in fitting. The Allegro fitters achieve that through a common philosophy that we share through our in-person fittings. 


    Looking to book a fitting in the near future? Click here to schedule a fitting now. Not located within driving distance, but interested in have an Allegro fitting experience? Book a Telepointe©️ Fitting now. Not ready for a fitting but need another pair of shoes? Shop here and use the code FRESHPAIRDONTCARE for 10% off a new pair of pointe shoes.