How to use a balance board

Do you know the best way to use a balance board? Read on for Allegro's favorite balance board exercises!


Most balance boards are made of wood with a plastic dome on the bottom. With the “skid resistant” coating on top, you don’t have to worry about slipping off! Though the name suggests the board will improve balance, balance boards have also been used to improve foot, ankle, leg, and core strength. It even improves your proprioception, your awareness of body placement in space. Ever curious how to use a balance board? Here are some exercises courtesy of Suffolk!



In parallel or first position, try to pile on the board and keep the board as stable as possible.


Ankle Stability

Stand on one or two legs and shift your weight to rock the balance board forward and backward in a controlled motion.


Hip Stability

Practice going from a parallel to a turned out retiré/passé. Make sure not to sit in the hip or allow hyperextension. You can also practice doing a rond de jambe en l’air or développé en l’air!


Balance boards are available in store only.