Product Availability FAQ's

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We understand that products are difficult to come by right now and the Allegro team is here to support you in every way we can. It can be very stressful to hear that your required dress code leotard is out of stock or that your pointe shoes are on backorder.  With this knowledge, our staff wants to provide you with a little more information on our Special Order and Back Order policies, in order to help guide your ordering process, especially during this back to school season. 

You may notice some products on our website show “SPECIAL ORDER ONLY” in pink underneath the size and/or color options. When this is displayed, it means that we currently do not have that product in stock, however, it can be ordered. Some products are only ever available by special order, while some might be out of stock temporarily, due to a manufacturer backorder.


Special Orders

What is a special order?

A special order is an order we place directly with the manufacturer for you, the customer, when the item/items you want to purchase are out of stock in-store. 

What is the benefit of placing a special order?

Placing a special order does one of two things; it can either guarantee an item we already have on order with the manufacturer will be reserved for you once it arrives, or it allows us to get in an item we may not have restocked for you, specifically. 

When do you pay for a special order?

Payment for special orders is required in advance.

When will a special order arrive/how long does it take to come in?

The timeline for receiving a special order varies depending on the brand as well as stock availability and production time for the manufacturer. We will keep you updated on the estimated timeline for your order and if any updates are made to it by the manufacturer. 

What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?

Special orders placed for items we regularly stock can be canceled, returned, or exchanged. Special orders placed for items we do not stock are final sale. 

Can I special order anything?

Almost! Some brands only produce a limited amount of a product, or only produce certain products seasonally. For example, Yumiko cannot be special ordered. Other limitations on special orders include products from brands we do not carry, and sale items. 



Some items that are currently listed as “SPECIAL ORDER ONLY” might be suffering lack of stock due to a backorder. 

What is a backorder?

A backorder indicates a manufacturer/supplier is temporarily out of stock of a product and cannot fulfill new orders for that product until new production is complete. 

What causes a backorder?

Backorders can be due to production delays, material shortages, high order volumes, staff shortages, and/or shipping delays—just to name a few.

How long do backorders last?

This varies quite a bit. Some manufacturers have relatively short backorder timelines while some backorders can last months. We will typically receive an estimated timeline for backordered items. 

What is the best thing to do if an item I want is on backorder?
  • We highly recommend placing a special order regardless of a backorder if there is a specific product you want. Placing an order through Allegro lets us get in line for backorders products so we can get them ASAP, it also reserves that product for you when it arrives. 
  • Let the Allegro team help you find a good alternative that is in-stock. 
  • If you’re not working on a specific timeline, you can request to be added to the customer callback list. We can call you when an item is restocked—once all special orders for that item have been fulfilled.


If you still have questions or concerns regarding the availability of a product or need further assistance with a special order or back order, please email or call 224-307-3831.