The Number One Pointe Shoe Accessory

We'll cut to the chase: the number one pointe shoe accessory is toe tape. If you're a busy kind of person and you've got a lot to do today, click here, buy the toe tape and move on with your life. If you're the kind of person who is good at wasting time on the internet, then please, read on (because we're the kind of people that are good at writing things about dance on the internet for you to read). 

We freaking love toe tape at Allegro. When our fitters (who are all dancers, btw) were surveyed about their favorite pointe accessory, here's some of what they had to say:

"Toe tape! My toes blister easily so this is important for me."
"Toe Tape. It is magical for my weird big toes that ALWAYS hurt!"
"Toe Tape. Blisters are a b*tch, dude..."
"Toe tape. Some areas just need that extra protection from blisters."
"I am a big fan of toe tape because my boney toe knuckles get scraped up a lot."
"The only thing I use is toe tape, a pro pad and a prayer."
"Toe tape. It is hard to overuse it, like you can with other accessories. As a teacher (before I was a fitter), I always felt confident suggesting that to my students without worrying it would affect the fit of their shoes."
"Toe tape. It is just the simplest thing with the biggest impact. It stays in place too, which is a godsend for long rehearsals or performances."


As you can see, our pointe fitters' number one use of the stuff is to prevent blisters. In a properly fitting shoe, you shouldn't have a big problem with this, but it does happen (especially if you spend hours a day en pointe). We recommend wearing a new style of shoe once or twice, noticing any red "hot spots" on your feet where there might be extra friction and using toe tape on those areas to prevent blistering. The toe tape we use has a little cushion to it and is medical-grade, so it hold up to the moisture of sweaty feet very well. Basically, we just feel like its $10.99 well spent. Don't believe us? Give it a try.