SNAP Dress Code

Items shown are just some of the options that Allegro carries, that are in line with SNAP's dress code. More options are available in store and online.

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Genre Requirements

Ballet: Pink tights, pink ballet shoe with elastics secured to the shoes, black leotard (any color is acceptable for Kindergarten and Preschool levels). Non-binary individuals are to wear black tights, black ballet shoes, and a white t-shirt. No skirts permitted except in kindergarten and preschool levels. Hair must be neatly pulled back into a secure bun. No dangling earrings, bracelets or necklaces.

Tap: Solid color leotard or tank top, yoga/dance pants. Level 2/3 and below can wear Mary Jane taps- lace or buckle. Above those levels students must have an oxford tap shoe (Jazz Tap preferred). NO split sole tap shoes.

Jazz/Modern/Hip Hop: Solid-colored tank top or leotard and shorts, but no jeans/corduroys or sweats are permitted. Flesh colored jazz shoes for Jazz Class; Flesh colored dance paws for Modern and Lyrical, Bloch Boost Dance Sneaker for Hip Hop. No street shoes, especially in Hip Hop, permitted on any dance floor. Hair MUST be secured off the neck and face. Hairstyling in class will not be tolerated and repeated offenses will result in dismissal from class.

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