Dancers' Dots (90 ct)

Dancers' Dots (90 ct)

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Meet Dancers' Dots- a pointe dancer's best friend!

This product by Gaynor Minden is designed especially for dancers who have sensitive, blister-prone feet. Simply remove the backing, tape to your skin, and immediately experience the soothing and protective sensation. Made from hydrogel, these little squishy dots relieve pressure and protect against blisters. They are almost entirely water but very durable. And if you've ever struggled to cut up and use 2nd Skin, these Dancers' Dots are sooooooo much easier and more convenient to use. Comes with two sizes of dots so that you can protect all sorts of ouchy spots. 

This large jar contains 90 dots.

Also available in a 20 piece mini pack.

Sizes: 60 medium (3/4″) and 30 large (1 1/8″) Dots per jar.

Material: Deionized water, polyethylene oxide

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