Totally Toes Kit
Totally Toes Kit

Totally Toes Kit

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Ever wished you could customize the inside of your pointe shoes? You can!! The Totally Toes Kit by Gaynor Minden is full of little goodies that can help with sore toes. The Cool Blue Gel Crescent takes pressure off a longer 2nd toe. The Cool Blue Gel Oval will help take pressure off the big toe. The Mushroom helps protect sensitive big toenails. The Box Liner hugs the tops and sides of the feet to help prevent sinking in your pointe shoes.

Available in 2 different sizes: #3 and #4/5 (Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoe box sizes)

Each packet contains: 2 box liners, 2 blue ovals, 2 blue crescents, 2 mushrooms.

Content: Extra-dense gel to approximate the firmness of your toe tips. Other cushions are all made from REAL Rogers Corp. Poron® 4000 urethane foam. Genine Poron has the American Podiatric Association Seal of Acceptance.

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