A Dancer's Age & Pointe Fittings

"How often do I need an in-person pointe shoe fitting?"

As pointe shoe experts, it is a question we get often. Many of our customers travel hours for one of our fittings, so it is a natural curiosity. The answer varies depending on many factors, but in this post we will focus on a dancer's age.


Approximate Age Range 11-13: Young dancers begin pointe work while their feet are still developing strength and flexibility. Their feet can change a lot over the course of their first year of pointe work. Additionally, they are continuously gaining important body awareness, during these years of training. It is important to help these dancers translate that information down into their feet and pointe shoes. This helps them have a better understanding of the expectations of pointe work., therefore, it is incredibly important to have regular, in person fittings with a pro! As dancers feet change, their needs in a pointe shoe change. Even growing just a half size can make a huge difference in whether or not their shoes will still be an appropriate, safe and supportive fit. 

"How often do I need an in-person shoe fitting?" Answer: With each new pair.

Approximate Age Range 13-17: The adolescent dancers are beginning to develop consistency in their training, often begin to slow down in their growth, possess a heightened level of body awareness and can begin to understand intellectually what is happening with their bodies en pointe. This helps greatly with their ability to vocalize their own pointe shoe needs. They usually know when they feel discomfort in their shoes, when they're dead or when they're too small. "Keep in mind that even though most of the visible rapid growth spurts are past, a dancer’s feet are still actively changing in relation to stress and strength at this age especially as they advance in technique," says Dr. Carrie Skony, a Dance Medicine Specialist and owner of PERFORM Active Wellness + Dance Medicine in Lisle, IL. "Overuse injuries, tendonitis, and early bunion formation are quite common in this age range, and it’s important that their pointe shoes adapt with their feet and continue to offer optimal support."

"How often do I need an in-person shoe fitting?" Answer: At least every 4-6 months.


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 Dr. Carrie Skony is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® and a dance medicine physician. She is owner of PERFORM Active Wellness + Dance Medicine in Lisle, IL and treats dancers throughout the Chicago area. You can learn more about Dr. Skony at www.drcarrieskony.com or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.