Announcing: New Partnership with Morna Freitas Photography


“Miguel is a true artist. We've worked together on a number of occasions and we are always so amazed by his work. It takes a certain eye to be able to photograph dancers and he has mastered it very well. On top of that, he is extremely patient and thorough throughout his process. We look forward to hiring Miguel again and again!” - PointePeople 

As an artist, Miguel believes that it is absolutely key to follow your heart. Everyone brings a unique perspective based on their own story and life experiences. Success is only achieved when you create images that make you and your client's heart flutter. You need to stay close to your core purpose and, although you find inspiration from the world around you and from other artists, you must find your unique voice. This will help you find your tribe, those who value you and become excited about your work. 



As part of his fine art sessions, he loves to create images that are the result of a close collaboration between his vision for the shot and the talent each client brings to a session. He creates clean, classic images but also devotes part of the session to playing with light and colors. He strives to create his final image in camera allowing only for very minor edits as composites and heavy editing are not his style. Along with providing aspiring and professional dancers with headshots and audition poses, he loves to incorporate and freeze motion. Whether it is the dancer's flowing hair, costume, or by incorporating fabrics, the goal is to capture that fraction of second during, for example, a “grand jeté” that is not only in proper form but also aesthetically pleasing, if not awe-inspiring. Anticipating the right moment is very much the challenge and the reward. As much as he may love a certain image, it is only successful when the dancer/talent also loves it. This approach takes time, stamina, and trust. Miguel also supplies an advanced or professional dancer assistant in his sessions which leads to a true collaboration amongst dancer, photographer, and assistant.



In the end, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the genuine smile/enthusiasm emerge on the dancer’s face when that latest captured image hits the tablet. That is when he knows that together they have created something truly special! But for Miguel, an image is not final until it is printed. Creating and delivering artwork for his clients whether a large metal print or beautifully framed portrait is the ultimate artistic expression. Miguel strongly believes that the Artwork of Life belongs in PRINT! 




Born and raised in Madeira Island, Portugal, Miguel Morna Freitas came to Chicago at 17 to study at Loyola University. Miguel primarily focused on travel photography and capturing the beauty of his favorite places like the Morton Arboretum, until years later when one of his daughters began training to be a professional dancer. Miguel started capturing dance poses and action shots both in the studio and on location, and at the same time began photographing the studio's annual recital. While Miguel enjoys capturing the beauty and fun of an on-location shoot in nature, the majority of his sessions are now in-studio where he can truly craft the light to match his vision and client’s needs. Miguel continually strives to hone and refine his craft and is a Certified Professional Photographer with Professional Photographers of America (PPA). In addition, he has completed Master Classes in Dance and Portraiture photography with three of today’s foremost American photographers: Lois Greenfield in NYC, and Sandro Miller as well as Paul Elledge in Chicago. 



Miguel is available for outdoor sessions in the Chicagoland area and, starting with Phase 3 on May 29th, 2020, limited capacity indoor sessions following current CDC social distancing guidelines.

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