What We Wish We Knew About Pointe Shoes (When we were young dancers)

As experienced pointe dancers, our staff know a thing or two about pointe shoes both from a pointe fitter perspective and from our own experiences in a studio. There are things we know now that we wish we knew as young dancers. This information would have changed our pointe training for the better and we're excited to share our knowledge with our community! 


Here are the top 9 things we wish we knew about pointe shoes when we were young dancers:

"How to care for my pointe shoes before and after class!" - Andi, current professional dancer and Allegro Evanston pointe fitter

Proper pointe shoe care can make or break the life of a pointe shoe. Remember to keep you shoes in a mesh bag, properly dry them out (you can even use these handy pointe shoe dryers, and always remove any accessories from inside the shoes.


"I wish I would of known that it is okay not to find your shoe right off the bat and to really trust your gut because at the end of the day it is your feet." - Danielle, current teacher and Allegro Barrington pointe fitter

Finding the right shoe can really be a journey. Don't get discouraged! Get regular pointe fittings and be open-minded when trying on shoes. Want to know more? Check out our post, "5 Tips For A Great Pointe Fitting."


"That the shoe can only do so much for you. The functionality of your shoe depends a lot on your technique, strength, and flexibility." - Alix, current professional dancer/choreographer and Allegro Evanston pointe fitter (and Ecommerce Manager!)

The right shoe can feel like magic on your feet, but that doesn't mean the shoes will magically do the work for you. Learn more about finding "your shoe" here.


"I wish that I had known about how many different brands and styles of pointe shoes exist, and I wish I could have had a fitting somewhere that carried a large variety of stock. At my first fitting I only got to try one style of shoe and that was that!" - Julie, current professional dancer and Allegro Evanston pointe fitter (plus Evanston Store Manager)

At Allegro, we have over 50 styles of pointe shoes and counting! Interested in trying new shoes? Make an appointment here.


"I wish I knew how much of a difference sewing the elastic on correctly could make." - Emily, current professional dancer with J. Lindsay Brown Dance and Allegro Evanston pointe fitter

Sewing the ribbons and elastics on your pointe shoes should be specific to your own foot needs. If you're looking for some basic sewing guidance, click here.


"That dancing in constant pain is NOT normal or acceptable!" - Helen, current professional dancer with J. Lindsay Brown Dance  and Allegro pointe fitter (plus Inventory Manager)

In-person fittings are important for ensuring long term dancer wellness. To understand more about physical health and the importance of in-person fittings, read this post. 


"How your foot is supposed to be lifted, not sitting in a shoe." - Natasha, current professional dancer with Ardent Dance Company and Allegro Barrington pointe fitter.

If you have relatively flexible feet and ankles, it is very easy to "sit" in your shoe and let it do the work for you. A shoe that is well-supported will "lift" the dancer and align all of the bones of the foot. It should feel almost like you're pointing your foot (in fact you should be in your shoes!). 


"I wish I understood my feet better. It would have helped me to understand the pointe shoes and pointe work better." - Aly, former professional dancer, Allegro pointe fitter (and Director of Operations)

As a dancer it is imperative that you understand your own body. Like a race car driver knows their car inside and out, so should you understand your instrument, your body. The more you understand the way your body works, the easier it will be to learn new technique and movement patterns. It will also help you manage your expectations with your pointe shoes.


"That the accessories I was given for my first pair of shoes aren't the only option out there." - Jessica, current teacher and Allegro Barrington pointe fitter (and Barrington Store Manager)

The accessories you need/use can change throughout your pointe training. Don't be afraid to re-evaluate what's in your shoes!


"I wish I had known that not every shoe works for everyone. As a pre-professional student, I jumped on the Freed Classic band wagon just because my friends were wearing them. I had to work really hard to make those look good and I'm not sure they ever did. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble by just coming in for a professional fitting." - Akilah, current professional dancer with Chicago Repertory Ballet and former Allegro Evanston pointe fitter

Always stay open-minded about what brands/styles of shoes may work for you and be honest with yourself about what is working. If you're interested in learning more about which shoes might be best for your level of training, click here.


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