5 Tips for a great pointe fitting

Getting fit for pointe shoes is unlike any other shoe fitting you'll have. You'll try a lot of shoes to find the right pair, and even then, your preferences and needs for your feet or technique may change over the course of your dancing career. That's what we at Allegro are here for: to make sure your pointe fitting experience is exceptional and you leave with a shoe that actually makes you feel like dancing!



  1. Make an Appointment*: It is not required to set up an appointment for your fitting. We're all dancers and know that sometimes you just need shoes immediately! If you have time though, we do recommend making an appointment to make sure you have enough time with your fitter to ensure a proper fit. We recommend allotting about 1.5 hours for first time fittings, and thirty minutes to an hour for returning customers, depending on the dancer. We recommend calling a week in advance for a weekend time slot (they fill up quickly!) or a 1-3 days in advance for a weekday time slot.
  2. Dress For Success: There is no required attire for fittings, however we do recommend having convertible tights, and comfortable clothing to move in. You'll likely be doing some pliés, tendus, and relevés, so clothing that allows for this type of movement is helpful. It also helps your fitter to see your leg, hip, and core alignment. You'll also want to have your toenails clipped so they are not bothered by the inside of the shoes.
  3. Do Some Homework: If you're returning for a new pair of shoes, bring in your old pair so we can see how they broke in, and you can easily explain to your fitter what you liked or disliked about the shoes. Having your old shoes also helps guide your fitter about different shoes you should try. If it's your first time and you know your teacher has preferences about shoes, or you are curious about a particular style, write them down or keep it in your memory. We try to follow you and your teachers' preferences as closely as possible while still providing a proper fit.
  4. Don't Be Shy! If you have questions or concerns during your fitting or you feel a certain way in the shoe you're trying on, don't be afraid to say what you feel! It helps us know if you are experiencing discomfort or pain, so we can discern if the sensation is normal for pointe or unsafe.
  5. Be Open-Minded: You may have your heart set on trying a specific style or brand, or you may not have liked one in the past, but try to be open about the shoes your fitter is trying on you. Sometimes seeing a certain brand, style, or size helps the fitter learn about your feet and what to grab next! You may also be surprised by the fit of a certain shoe once you try it on. We will never send a dancer home in a shoe that we think will not support her feet properly.


Our fitters go through structured training to make sure you're fit with the utmost attention to detail and integrity. There is a lot to discover about pointe and we are happy to answer your questions and explain anything from the care of your feet, to the materials used in the construction of the shoes, and everything in between!