3007 Pro Flex Pointe Shoe - Pink (Medium Flex)

3007 Pro Flex Pointe Shoe - Pink (Medium Flex)

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The 3007 Pro Flex by Nikolay Grishko captures the essence of the 2007 Pro Flex while featuring exciting new innovations.  It is made on the 2007 last and has a tapered box with a medium platform, U-shaped medium vamp, and slightly higher & more supple wings that the 2007 version.  Just like the 2007 Pro Flex, the 3007 Pro Flex has "silent knot" construction under the toes to allow for whisper-quiet dancing and a flex shank for a beautiful bend under the arch that flatters the foot while still being supportive.  Improving upon the 2007 Pro Flex design, the 3007 version features the revolutionary adaptive eco-dextrin paste box that molds to the foot and allows for easy demi-pointe roll-through while still strongly supporting the foot en pointe.  It also features an anti-slip microfiber heel, so no more slippage issues!

Flex Shank Hardness: MF (also available in SF, HF)


Material: Satin, paste, canvas, elastic drawstring

Start sizing at 2 sizes down from women's street shoe.

To determine which style and size is right for you, please schedule a fitting in one of our boutiques.

This item is available in our Evanston location only.

Nikolay pointe shoe special orders typically take 4-8 weeks, with occasional manufacturing delays up to 3 months.

For specific inquiries, please contact our Ecommerce Team at orders@allegrodanceboutique.com or call (847) 733-8460.

Ribbon & elastic is NOT included and must be purchased separately.

Purchase Ribbon & Elastic

  • Hand-made in Russia.

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