Dancer Problems Kit
Dancer Problems Kit
Dancer Problems Kit
Dancer Problems Kit

Dancer Problems Kit

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I got 99 problems, but dancing ain't one!

Solve all of your #dancerproblems with this handy kit by Covet Dance, featuring:

Mend It Sewing Kit: is your costume malfunctioning?  Fix it quick with these needles, thread, pins, tiny scissors, buttons, snaps, and a safety pin.

Boo Boo Beads: kiss your boo-boos goodbye with this cute heart-shaped hot/cold pack.

Nailed It File & Buffer: keep your toe nails smooth for a more enjoyable pointe class or tame your fingernails before they catch & run your tights.

Hair Spray/Run Remedy: stop tights runs in their tracks and keep your hair flyaways in check.

Lip Service Lip Balm: soothe dry lips with this delicious vanilla lip balm.

Blister Rx: a conveniently-sized case with bandages for cuts & blisters.

Hair Ties x2: you can never have too many of these...  Just make sure you don't forget to take it off your wrist before you chassé onto the stage!

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