Drawstring Threader
Drawstring Threader

Drawstring Threader

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Make replacing the drawstrings on your ballet or pointe shoes a breeze with the Drawstring Threader by Suffolk.  Whether looking to replace a cotton drawstring with an elastic one or trying to put an escaped drawstring back in, the Drawstring Threader makes it easy.  Gone are the days when you'd have to seam-rip the entire drawstring casing; instead, fix or replace your drawstrings with minimal seam-ripping & re-sewing--see the Instructions image for details!

Style No. 1554


NOTE: for certain brands of pointe shoes, such as Capezio pointe shoes, you may need to seam-rip a few stitches at the front opening of the drawstring casing in order to make it large enough for the Drawstring Threader to fit through.