Pointe Pockets Toe Pads
Pointe Pockets Toe Pads

Pointe Pockets Toe Pads

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Bothered by seams? Other gel too pads feel too thick and bulky? Pointe Pockets by Gaynor Minden may be your perfect toe pad.  Thinner than average, these toe pads allow dancers to really feel the floor and avoid adding anything bulky inside their shoes.

Additional Details

  • No seams across the tops of the toes.
  • Four-way stretch polyester for a great fit.
  • Medical grade TPE gel offers lightweight, hypoallergenic comfort.
  • Ideal for dancers with moderate to tapered toes. 

Material: four-way stretch polyester, medical grade TPE gel.

Style No. SA-F-139-BPT

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