Bunheads® Ouch Pouch® Toe Pads

Bunheads® Ouch Pouch® Toe Pads

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The Bunheads® Ouch Pouch® Toe Pads by Capezio feature a thin layer of gel inside a fabric pouch, relieving the pressure of dancing en pointe while still allowing dancers to feel the floor.  Ouch Pouch® Toe Pads are crescent-shaped, making them ideal for dancers with moderately tapered toes, and the bottom half extends future out to provide more cushioning for the ball of the foot.  

1 pair per package.

Sizing: Small (women's street shoe size 2-6) and Large (size 7-10).

Materials: gel, polyester. 

Care Instructions: hand-wash with gentle detergent and allow to air dry.

Style No. BH1054, BH1055

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