Pillows for Pointes Pointe Shoe Glue (1 oz.)

Pillows for Pointes Pointe Shoe Glue (1 oz.)

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Extend the life of your pointe shoes and reinforce areas where you'd like more support with Pointe Shoe Glue by Pillows for Pointes. It is made with fast-setting, professional grade cyanoacrylate glue, and the bottle features a clog-proof cap. Simply apply the glue to the inside of your pointe shoes to strengthen any soft areas (such as the platform, wings, or shank) and let harden overnight. To prolong the life of a new pair of pointe shoes, we recommend wearing your new pair for at least one class to break them in before applying the glue. 

Size: 1 oz.

NOTE: this glue is a very strong adhesive.  Please use caution.   

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