Posture Reminder

Posture Reminder

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"A good stance & posture reflect a proper state of mind." --Morihei Ueshiba

Slouch no more with the Posture Reminder by American Dance Supply.  The elastic strap is easy to put on and applies gentle pressure on the front of your shoulders to help you remember to keep your shoulders back.  Perfect for use sitting at a desk or during exercise/dancing, the Posture Reminder will help you fight the forward slump and stand tall.  Recommended for use in 10-20 minutes increments. 

Sizing: approximately t-shirt size equivalent, but may vary depending on how broad your shoulders are.

XS-S (31" X 1.5")

S-M (35" X 1.5")

M-L (40" X 1.5")

Style No. ADS003

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