Bunheads® Pro Pad® Toe Pads

Bunheads® Pro Pad® Toe Pads

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Designed with advanced students & professional dancers in mind, the Bunheads® Pro Pad® Toe Pads by Capezio are made of very thin layers of gel & fabric that cushion the top & tips of your toes without any extra bulk under the ball of the foot, thus allowing you to fully feel the floor.  Ideal for dancers with moderate to tapered toes who prefer minimal padding in their pointe shoes. 

1 pair per package.

Sizing: Small (women's street shoe size 2-5); Large (size 6-10).

Materials: silicone gel, polyester

Care Instructions: hand-wash with gentle detergent and allow to fully air dry.

Style No: BH1205, BH1215

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