FINAL SALE: Rubin Pointe Shoe (Flexible Medium)
FINAL SALE: Rubin Pointe Shoe (Flexible Medium)
FINAL SALE: Rubin Pointe Shoe (Flexible Medium)

FINAL SALE: Rubin Pointe Shoe (Flexible Medium)

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The Rubin is the "ruby" of the Russian Pointe Jewels Collection, featuring a slightly tapered box with a U-cut vamp, moderately high wings, and moderately low crown.  The platform form is wide, pleatless, and flat, and the pliable yet supportive shank is pre-arched and breaks between the 1/2 - 3/4 mark.  The Rubin features a non-slip leather sole and an elastic drawstring.


  • Shank: Flexible Medium (FM), pre-arched. 
  • Box: slightly tapered
  • Vamp: length 2 (medium), U-cut with elastic drawstring
  • Wings: moderate-high
  • Crown: moderate-low
  • Platform: wide, flat, pleatless


    Material: Satin, elastic, cotton, leather, paste

    RP pointe shoes are sized in European sizing; please refer to size chart below for approximate US size conversion.

    To determine which size and style is right for you, please schedule a fitting in one of our boutiques.

    RP Pointe Shoe Sizing

    This item is available in both our Barrington and Evanston locations.

    RP pointe shoe special orders may take 12-16 weeks, with occasional manufacturing delays up to 6-12 months.

    For specific inquiries, please contact our Ecommerce Team at or call (847) 733-8460.

    Ribbon & elastic is NOT included and must be purchased separately.

    Purchase Ribbon & Elastic

    • The Jewels Collection is hand-made in Russia.
    • The Sea of Pearls Collection is hand-made in Thailand.

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