FINAL SALE: Rubin Radiance Pointe Shoe (F 3/4)
FINAL SALE: Rubin Radiance Pointe Shoe (F 3/4)
FINAL SALE: Rubin Radiance Pointe Shoe (F 3/4)

FINAL SALE: Rubin Radiance Pointe Shoe (F 3/4)

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Made on the same last as the regular Rubin (Russian for "ruby"), the Rubin Radiance pointe shoe features a sleek-fitting heel and a 3/4 shank that will make it look like you have arches for days.  The fabric of the shoe is double-lined, providing even more support, and the wide platform, low crown, and slightly tapered box works great with variety of foot shapes.  We are SUPER excited about the fact that it has a SUEDE TIP!  No more need for rosin!


  • Shank: Flexible 3/4 (F 3/4), pre-arched
  • Box: slightly tapered
  • Vamp: length 2 (medium), U-cut with elastic drawstring
  • Wings: moderate
  • Crown: moderate-low
  • Platform: broad, flat, suede
  • Heel: narrow
  • Additional details: double-lined satin for extra support
    Material: Satin, elastic, cotton, leather, suede, paste

    RP pointe shoes are sized in European sizing; please refer to size chart below for approximate US size conversion.

    To determine which size and style is right for you, please schedule a fitting in one of our boutiques.

    RP Pointe Shoe Sizing

    This item is available in both our Barrington and Evanston locations.

    RP pointe shoe special orders may take 12-16 weeks, with occasional manufacturing delays up to 6-12 months.

    For specific inquiries, please contact our Ecommerce Team at or call (847) 733-8460.

    Ribbon & elastic is NOT included and must be purchased separately.

    Purchase Ribbon & Elastic

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