Satin Ribbon w/ Silicone Coating

Satin Ribbon w/ Silicone Coating

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Do your pointe shoe ribbons keep slipping out of place?  Get a grip with the silicone-coated pointe shoe ribbon from Nikolay Grishko.  One side is pink & shiny like we all know & love; the other side has a thin silicone layer that ensures secure placement around the ankle without added bulk, so you can kiss messy ribbons goodbye!



This item is available in both our Barrington and Evanston locations.

If Nikolay ballet shoes are out of stock, special orders will take between 3-6 weeks. Ocassional manufacturing delays can lengthen timelines up to 3 months.

For specific inquiries, please contact our Ecommerce Team at or call (847) 733-8460.

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