Seamless NuBra
Seamless NuBra
Seamless NuBra
Seamless NuBra
Seamless NuBra

Seamless NuBra

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The Seamless NuBra is completely strapless, making it the perfect choice for a smooth look under costumes, formal wear, or everyday clothing. Made with medical grade, skin-friendly adhesive, the NuBra is reusable and designed for secure all-day wear, just like a regular bra!

Plastic storage case included.

Hand-made in the USA.

Sizing: choose your regular bra cup size. If you're in-between cup sizes, choose the smaller size. 

NOTE: the NuBra works differently than traditional bras and is not designed for full coverage.

How to Use

  1. IMPORTANT: Gently clean your chest with mild soap & water to remove any body oil or residue from your skin, and then dry your skin with a soft towel.
  2. In front of a mirror, pick up one bra cup carefully by the edges and set it on the desired place on your breast (see image), leaving 1-2 finger-widths of space between the edge of the bra cup and the bottom of your breast. NuBra recommends arranging the bra cup so that the clasp points towards your belly button. Repeat the application process with the other bra cup.
  3. Connect the clasps and then use both hands to press firmly on the bra cups for a few seconds to ensure to a secure hold.

Care Instructions


  • To clean, hold one bra cup in your hand (adhesive-side up) and gently wash with mild soap & warm water using your fingertips.  Do NOT use your fingernails or a scrub brush, as they can tear the adhesive.  Allow to air dry completely (do NOT towel dry).
  • Once completely dry, store your NuBra in the included plastic case, keeping it away from heat & sunlight to ensure the longevity of the adhesive. 
  • With proper care, your NuBra will last for many wears!

NOTE: This item is FINAL SALE. No refunds or exchanges will be accepted, except in cases of defective merchandise. See our Return Policy for full details.

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