Bunheads® Space Pack® Toe Spacers

Bunheads® Space Pack® Toe Spacers

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Mind the gaps between your toes with the Bunheads® Space Pack® by Capezio.  Containing 4 reusable toe spacers in 2 different sizes, the Space Pack® will help you prevent a myriad of toe & bunion issues when dancing en pointe.  The smaller Spacers™ are designed to fill in any gaps between your little toes & prevent them from curving under/over other toes (aka "hammer toe-ing").  The larger Spacemakers™ are for filling in the space between your big toes & 2nd toes, helping to prevent & alleviate the pain of bunions.  

Not sure if you need toe spacers?  Talk to your pointe shoe fitter during your next fitting appointment.

2 Spacers™ and 2 Spacemakers™ per package.

Materials: 100% silicone gel

Care Instructions: hand-wash with gentle detergent and allow to air dry; may be lightly dusted with baby powder after drying.

Style No. BH1045

Back-Order Timeline: back-orders may take 3-6 weeks for manufacture & order processing, with occasional manufacturer delays up to 3 months. For specific timeline inquiries, please contact our Ecommerce Team at orders@allegrodanceboutique.com or call (847) 733-8460.

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