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Anything is possible with a great arabesque.

The StretchMAX has an innovative design that helps you stretch at home. This tool was designed specifically for dancers and gymnasts. It sports a welded chrome D-ring for easy slide and eliminates damage to your door. The StretchMAX is made from 1.5" webbing, which is strong, soft, and durable. This webbing will not give you rope burn and the total weight is less than 5 ounces. One size will fit all.

We recommend this product for intermediate to advanced dancers.

How to Use the StretchMAX:

1. Attach the small piece of webbing on the door. Place the door stop over the door with the D-Ring facing towards you. Securely close the door so it does not open during the stretch.

2. Insert the longer piece of webbing through the D-ring. Place one loop around your foot and the other around your hand. Pull down with your hands and stretch to a comfortable level. Make sure your body is in proper alignment to ensure your stretching correctly.

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