Suffolk Sewing Tube
Suffolk Sewing Tube

Suffolk Sewing Tube

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There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a performance & suddenly having an elastic snap off your pointe shoes...  Be prepared for any & all pointe shoe sewing emergencies with the Sewing Tube by Suffolk.  This sturdy metal container can withstand the wear & tear of living inside your dance bag, allowing it to be easily accessible at a moment's notice.  Containing 78 yards of waxed 100% Nylon thread dyed a pale pink and two strong sewing needles, the Sewing Tube is great not just for sewing emergencies but also for securely sewing multiple pairs of pointe shoes.  The cap has a stainless steel cutter that will never rust or dull, providing a handy, sharp edge for cutting the thread--no scissors required.  

Contents: waxed 100% Nylon thread (78 yards); stainless steel sewing needles (2)

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