When is it time for new pointe shoes?


Traditional pointe shoes typically last for a much shorter time than you would expect. Most manufacturers say their shoes are meant to last between 12-16 hours en pointe, average, depending on several factors. 

Your first pair will probably last the longest. There are a lot of factors that affect the lifetime of pointe shoes, including but not limited to: foot strength/flexibility, specific choreography, shoe care, break-in process, floor surface, and storage temperature.


You know that it’s time for new shoes if:

  1. Your foot has grown or changed to affect the fit
  2. You cannot plie fully or can no longer get over the box
  3. You feel like you are going too far over the box
  4. The shank has become very soft
  5. The box/wings have become very soft
  6. You no longer feel stable or supported
  7. You feel new or increased pain

If you notice any of the above about your current pair of pointe shoes, it's time for a new pair! Dancing on dead pointe shoes can increase risk of injury and discomfort. If you have not grown out of your shoes and would still like the same style, you may order online. If not, call Allegro today to schedule your next pointe fitting:


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